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Krystal is passionate about empowering individuals to fulfill their highest potential and she has always been curious about people’s motivations and why they do what they do.

Krystal is a serial entrepreneur who has a thriving coaching, speaking, and now publishing business since 2008.

The common thread through all has been to help the community as well as her clients – purpose-driven entrepreneurs especially in the personal development field, change-makers, and conscious creatives – to step into their zone of flow and claim the essence of soul leadership, so their passion can ignite global change.

Krystal lives in the country Victoria, Australia, with her two gorgeous children.

I grew up in Germany as the eldest daughter of a church minister and I was the editor of the school magazine amongst many other things. After school, I moved to England to explore my freedom and traveled the world extensively in my teens and twenties.

I graduated from University with a BA Hons (with distinction) in English Literature and Theatre Studies, became a theatre director, drama teacher, and spent some time in Education Outreach Programs for the Royal Shakespeare Company. This satisfied my desire to share stories and understand human motivations through literature and theatre.

After a divorce in my early 30s, the universe guided me (in a literal dream and many other synchronicities) to move to Australia. So, I did.


After some soul-searching about what to do next, I wrote myself into clarity that it was time to stop putting stories on stage and instead help people improve the stories of their lives. I studied coaching, NLP, Timeline Therapy, Reiki etc. and started helping women to step into their feminine flow.

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I had studied with spiritual teachers since my mid-twenties, and my spiritual side started to influence my work, especially the retreats I began running. I facilitated past-life regressions, ancestral clearings and soul reconnections.

When I realised that many women were disembodied and scared to be fully present in their lives, I added Tantra to my toolkit, to assist with this phenomenon and help cultivate life-force energy for manifestation purposes and more.

When Covid hit, I was running big events in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and was speaking at many Tantra Festivals in Australia.

With lockdowns, it was time to re-invent myself again, especially since I didn’t feel like staying in ‘my lane’. I wasn’t speaking about authentic relating, embodiment, or conscious communication anymore. Instead, I spoke about the importance of conscious entrepreneurs and change makers stepping up and speaking up. I wanted to help create a countermovement to the fear mongering propagated by the mainstream media and share inspiration and hope with the world.

But many light workers and change-makers were still not stepping into their full potential and I felt called to help them (and myself, if I am totally honest).

After becoming a bestselling author in 2020, the opportunity to become a publisher presented. It resonated and I said yes in early 2021 when I founded Hille House Publishing.

Multi-author books, also known as collaborative books, became a vehicle for clients to get permission to claim a future personality of pure potential, certainty, and confidence.

Since then (now June 2022), I have enrolled over 90 thought leaders from 5 continents and 20 countries, and every book has become an international #1 bestseller in numerous categories on Amazon.

In June, 2022, my desire to give back to the community propelled me to create Inspired Relations, a non-for profit organisation dedicated to provide education around co-dependency, coercion and more. 


If you are a conscious entrepreneur or change maker with an inspiring story and powerful message and you want to serve humanity in a bigger way by getting your message to a global audience, Click here to find out about our collaborative book projects.

If you want to gain clarity around your sacred mission and release ancestral fears and patterns that are holding you back from stepping into your full potential, then our transformational writing incubator could be the perfect next step for you. It’s coming soon. Click here to express your interest and be the first to be notified when it opens up.

If you are an individual, suffering from self-doubt, coercion, or relationship challenges… No matter where you are at on your journey to personal empowerment and sovereignty, we welcome you to make use of our resources and join our monthly community calls, which are coming very soon.

If you have always dreamt of writing your solo book but have no idea where to start, I’ve got a program coming for you very soon. Click here to go on the waiting list to be the first to be notified when this opens.

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Krystal Hille is the Founder of Hille House Publishing and Inspired Relations. She is a Soul Leadership Coach, and international #1 bestselling author, passionate about gathering change makers and conscious creatives who align with her mission to awaken and empower humanity into deeper sovereignty and connection. She helps them to step into their zone of flow, claim the essence of their leadership, and makes them into international bestselling authors so that their passion can ignite global change and enhance their authority and reach.

Since early 2021, Krystal has helped over 90 thought leaders become international bestselling authors and has attracted the likes of Dr. John Demartini and Dr. Larry Farwell to her latest books.

With 30 years in leadership, a background in theatre directing, ancient tantric practices and female empowerment, Krystal is a winner of the CREA Brainz Global Business Award 2021 and host of the Soul Leadership Podcast. Aware of her multi-dimensional self, pre-Covid, Krystal facilitated spiritual retreats to Egypt and ran temple nights across Australia.

She holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature & Theatre Studies, a diploma in Life Coaching, NLP and TimeLine Therapy and is a certified Master Healer and Tantra teacher. She is a popular contributor to international festivals, summits and podcasts and has written two solo books and contributed to a further four anthologies.

Originally from Germany, Krystal lives with her two children in county Victoria, Australia.

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