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Visionaries Sharing A New Way of Living

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This book shares powerful tools to transform outgrown models of thinking and behaviour that are still deeply engrained in the collective cellular memory, so that we can step into deeper collaboration and connection.

Spiritual leaders and cultural change makers who have transformed their competitive mindset into one of collaboration share how they have implemented collaborative business models into work place practices.

From a spiritual, evolutionary perspective, this book contextualises the massive shift from the old patriarchal paradigm of competition, comparison and greed into a new era of connection, community and collaboration.



Hille House Publishing works with conscious leaders to embody their soul essence, claim their gifts and realise their visions through mentoring, master healings and creating bestseller multi-author books to increase the authors’ reach, impact and influence. We are on a mission to raise the vibration in human consciousness.

Founder Krystal Hille, has over30 years in leadership with a background in theatre directing and female empowerment. She hosts the Soul Leadership Podcast, retreats in Egypt before Covid, and is a popular contributor to online summits, festivals and podcasts. She is a multiple international bestselling author.
Krystal brings a global perspective having lived in multiple countries and continents; she understands and appreciates how the message needs to be heard by hearts and minds.
Under Krystal’s guidance and leadership, Hille House Publishing has helped her authors accomplish a prized goal of hitting multiple #1 Bestsellers on Amazon in five different countries.

Hille House Publishing is based in Victoria, Australia.

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