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You are ready to embody the fullness of your soul essence and rise as a conscious leader in your life, in your business and in your community, to provide reassurance, inspiration and transformation of the highest calibre in these uncertain times.

The old patriarchal powers of separation, scarcity, judgment, control, complications and self-doubt are still active in parts of your being and you are ready to let them go now. You are ready to fully embrace your ease, your magnetism and your worthiness.

Click here to set up a chat so we can tailor-make a plan for you.

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Clear the blockages that prevent your soul essence from shining fully.
(Pathway: ancestral clearings, past-life regressions, inner child connections, rebirthing, Starseed connection)


Release any negative imprints around your personal power (be that codependence, victim, perpetrator or rescuer codes) and amplify your life force and magnetic power.
(Pathway: Timeline Therapy, tantric embodiment practices, breath, and visualisation)



Fully activate your unique soul blueprint to expand your vision and enhance your intuition, so that you can birth the next evolution of your multidimensional self.
(Pathway: DNA code activations, guided journey into the cosmic/galactic womb of the void)

This package includes access to me in-between sessions via email or messenger to address things that come up as well as a few amazing bonuses.


You are feeling pretty good at the moment in your life and don’t think you need a full coaching package. But there is this one thing that niggles away at you. You know that transmuting it will be necessary for you to step into the inner peace and success you are yearning for.

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  • Feeling hesitant to speak your truth for fear of rejection or persecution.

  • Feeling stuck in comparison, worrying that others may be so much better than you.

  • Wondering who you are to call yourself an expert?

  • Finding yourself too much in your masculine energy and desire to soften into your femininity, but it’s scary to be vulnerable.

  • Finding yourself too much in your feminine flow that you can’t make decisions, can’t seem to get organised to get sh*t done.

  • Being stuck in a co-dependent relationship or wishing to overcome co-dependent tendencies of the pleaser, the rescuer, the perpetrator.

  • Integrating and/or releasing old stories of shame, ‘not-enoughness’, and ‘too-muchness’.

  • Finally, feel worthy to just be you.



  • Moving out of separation and fragmentation into wholeness and unity consciousness. 

  • Embodying the fullness of your Essence.

  • Fully stepping into your radiance and magnetism and receiving all that the universe has to offer.

  • Fully integrated masculine-feminine inner union for greater peace, less conflict, and more energy available to your clients.

  • to show up more powerfully, become even more courageous, and step even further into your soul mission

  • Deepening your connection with yourself, with the universe, with Mother Gaia, with lovers, partners, children…

  • Feel safe to express your desires in your business and in your private life. 

  • Stand firmly in your power, your sovereignty, and your joy.



  • Downloading a clear vision of the universe

  • Embracing the fullness of self

  • Moving from separation into connection

  • From fragmentation into wholeness

  • From rigid control into the feminine flow

  • From shame and suppression into radiance and bliss

  • From feeling misunderstood because of the inability to communicate to feeling loved, and connected clear.

  • From codependency into interdependency and freedom

  • From the dance between the pleaser and the avoider to calmly and confidently and honouringly stating needs and desires.

  • From the fear of failure and comparison to celebrating uniqueness and wholeness.

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Krystal Hille is the Founder of Hille House Publishing, Soul Leadership Coach and multiple international #1 bestselling author. She is passionate to gather change makers and conscious creatives who align with her mission to awaken and empower humanity into deeper levels of sovereignty and connection and helps them to their stories and expertise in multi-author bestselling books to enhance their authority and global reach.

With 30 years in leadership, a background in theatre directing and female empowerment, Krystal is a winner of the CREA Brainz Global Business Award 2021 and host of the Soul Leadership Podcast.  Aware of her multi-dimensional self, pre-Covid, Krystal facilitated spiritual retreats to Egypt and ran the temple nights across Australia.

She holds a BA in English Literature & Theatre Studies, a diploma in Life Coaching, NLP and TimeLine Therapy and is a certified Tantra Teacher and Reiki Master. She is a popular speaker at international festivals, summits and podcasts and has written two solo books and contributed to a further six anthologies.

Originally from Germany, Krystal lives with her two children in county Victoria, Australia.



I turned to Krystal because I felt a deep connection to her and knew she would unconditionally accept me where I was. It was the best session I’ve ever had.

After having a stillbirth two years ago the pain was getting more intense not less. It was an

ever-growing wall between me and those I loved most. I frequently distanced myself because I didn’t want to grieve or cry and bring others down.

I had looked at it from many different angles, but Krystal went to the root immediately and it was then that I felt peace. By the end of the session I had the answers I had been seeking. She guided me back to myself. I am no longer suffering and I’m resting well.

As a leader it’s not often that I find someone who can hold space for me, especially in the low times. Krystal can.

I highly recommend working with her, especially if you feel like you are usually the strong one in leadership positions. She’s spot on and an incredibly genuine and loving woman. 

Adriana Monique Alvarez
Founder of AMA Publishing


Having been fortunate to work with Krystal a number of times in group settings, and achieved a great depth of self-exploration & understanding, it was important for me to work more closely with her.

Choosing to commit to a number of

one-on-one sessions, to make that promise to myself, I was able to more deeply connect with the core of who I am, when I’m not trying to be someone for everyone else.

Krystal creates a fun, yet secure, environment that allowed me to get out of my head, and release the expectations I place of myself, to simply be.

Looking within, and listening to my own guiding voice, I have been able to take back ownership of my life, and acknowledge the need to fill my

own cup first.

This has made a significant difference in how I lead my team from a place of greater generosity and calmness and how I can show up for my kids and friends. Thank you, Krystal, I look forward to continuing this journey.

Real Estate - Sales Manager


Krystal was excellent at guiding me in a very professional and grounded way, which made me feel very safe

to open up.

She knew exactly what she was doing and was quick to figure out what was going. She really understood me. Without ever influencing me one way or another, she guided me to make my own decisions.

It worked. The session was very practical but otherworldly, it’s like she is working in two ways, psychologically and spiritually.

I got such huge realisations not just with that decision, but also around patterns I would have never thought were connected. I got amazing

clarity about why things are the

way they are.

Krystal has so much wisdom and compassion, I highly recommend her.

Rachel Barry
Tantra Teacher

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