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A Practical Guide For Women Who Want To Deeply Trust Themselves


Book 2 of 3 of the Intuitive & Inspired Series

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This book addresses the many ways in which women second-guess themselves, please others, give up on their inner knowing, lose themselves other people’s realities, and/or stay in outgrown jobs or relationships.

It provides inspirational stories from way-showers who have overcome these patterns and have developed their intuitive guidance. It will share tools to step into self-trust, so that those who come behind us, can fast-track their journey. It is time for the collective to move into self-worth, self-trust and sovereignty.

Intuitive Living became a #1 bestseller in 5 countries (Germany, Australia, UK, USA, Canada) and 27 Amazon categories and includes world-renowned human behavioural expert Dr John Demartini.

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